Join Us For The  5 Day Challenge And Accelerate In Your Kingdom Assignment!

Feb 22nd-26th

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  • Physically: Life is happening faster but there is more to do... you'll see why there is a grace for results set aside for God's Remnant. 
  • Relationally: Discover the simple formula for wealth built in the people you're called to
  • Financially: Learn why this is the set time for you to prosper and how to take advantage of it. 


Melissa Jo Durre 

Speaker and  Praise Leader

 Melissa has a passion to help people in what she calls breaking bad. Helping people get out of bad relationships of all kinds and into the freedom the Lord created us to walk in. 


Apostle, Actor And Author 

jo'EL wrote an Amazon best seller Entertainment Is A God Eyedea. He loves to work with God's Remnant who are dissatisfied with normal Christianity. One of his favorite assignments from the Lord is training people to walk out their Kingdom Occupation. 

Jermaine Johnson 

Speaker and Business Coach

He is one of the best network marketing trainers in the business working with people like Les Brown, John Malott and many more of the best in the industry. Jermaine has been assisting people to walk in financial abundance for over 30 years. 

Here Are Just Some Of The Comments From Our Amazing Community That Have Taken Part In One Of Our Prior Challenges...


Discover Why The 7 Mountains Are The Marketplace  

Learn Exactly What Your Role Is And How To Position Yourself For The Harvest Of Souls And Net Breaking Salaries That Eliminate Lack.  

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  • Find The People God Gave You 
  • ​Increase Your Influence
  • Learn The Unstoppable Wealth           Formula
  • Discover Your Spirit, Soul & Body          Road Map For Success
  • Get Marketing That Works                      "Now" Not Yesterday
  • ​Unlock Clarity About Your                     Calling
  • ​Operate like Jesus and                           navigated through the                             marketplace successfully


  •  The Spirit Of Poverty And His                Cousin
  • Wasting Time Going Around The          Mountain Again
  • Chicken Little Syndrome (The             Sky Is Falling :)
  • Lack Of Desire And Passion
  • Worldly Methods That Don't                  Work For Kingdom People 
  • ​Idleness not Idol-ness but you             can lose those to :)
  • ​A critical spirit in the name of               being excellent


Day 1

You may have heard before that your why is important.  That's because success without purpose is a disaster waiting to happen. However, understanding your spiritual purpose is power. Day 1 will equip you with God's game plan for todays problems. It's the divine prophetic timing for you to walk in Kingdom Occupation. 

Day 2

The who is the game changer! One of the main ingredients of the wealth formula is people. When you know how to find what I call your people you've conquered half the battle. I’m going to show you how to grow your influence not just to live but leave a legacy.

Day 3

 The when is important because timing is everything. In day 3 you're going to see how to avoid the pit falls that make 50% of the small businesses collapse within the first 5 years. If you miss this crucial step your more than likely bound to fail before you even start.  

Day 4

  The where is going to be your GPS to success. Day 4 will show you where to position your self in the marketplace.  You will learn how you can increase your influence, income and wealth to turn the world upside down. We can no longer allow the children of this world to be wiser in this generation than the children of light. Let the Remnant Arise!

Day 5

 The how is where the rubber meets the road. Success comes from taking massive action so Day 5 is going to give you a game plan to see immediate results. Get a blueprint to 5x your followers and turn them into clients who buy from you. 


  • DAILY WINNING THE DAY TRAININGS: Get the winning edge everyday from jo'EL in less that 5 minutes. Set your day with a spirit of victory that will change the trajectory of your life one day at a time. 
  • FREE DESIRE ASSESSMENT: Take the FREE ASSESSMENT to discover why you do what you do and find out the driving force behind your actions so you can take control of your life. 
  • ACCESS TO THE MPM COMMUNITY: Access to our private Facebook community created exclusively for the Marketplace Movement Challenge where you can continue to connect, share and learn on an ongoing basis after the free 5 day challenge.
  • A TASTE OF THE PEOPLE PATTERN PDF: ​Now it's never been easier to find your people with The People Pattern PDF taste test. You'll learn the biblical way everyone in the bible found their calling so you can start building toward your eternal reward. 
  • ELIGIBLE TO WIN AMAZING PRIZES: Everyday we will be giving away prizes to add to the fun and incentives for you to participate in the Marketplace Movement. 
  • ​5 DAYS OF LIVE TRAINING: Position yourself to win by being present during live trainings that will equip you to succeed in today's chaotic world climate. 

You Must Act Now: Don't miss this 5 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge packed full of revelation that will actually make your life better.   
The challenge starts February 22nd and will unlock the secrets you need to excel in a world spinning in chaos. 

Meet Your Host:


  •  Founder of Arise22, (Apostolic Reformation Through Internet and Spiritual Equipping) based on revelation of Isaiah 2:2. Arise 22 is helping people around the world find their calling and walk it out so they can live in fulfillment and enjoy life. 
  •  jo'EL walks in tremendous favor and loves to impart what has been freely given to him from top leaders around the world

Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker (World Wide Evangelist) has imparted the Spirit so strong to jo'EL, He was out until long after everyone went home. 

John Echardt (Apostle World Speaker) has spoken into the life of jo'EL many times. On this pic they share the stage together at Sarah Morgans Prayer Quake event. 

Lance Wallnau (Teacher /Activist) wrote one of the forwards on the book jo'EL wrote titled, Entertainment Is A God Eyedea. 

Shawn Bolz (Prophet World Speaker ) also wrote one of the forwards on the book jo'EL wrote titled, Entertainment Is A God Eyedea. Shawn also gave jo'EL a Supernatural word of knowledge at Bethel's Leaders Advance for what He is doing right now. 

Entrepreneur Tiffaney (Business Coach) Malott has been a key to jo'EL's business savy. Private coaching sessions with Tiffaney have paid off. 

Izhak (owner of the Multi-Million Dollar power house Seacret ) is leading the charge in the skin care industry. Izhak has given jo'EL lots of wisdom in one on one conversations at his house in Arizona. 

jo'EL has worked with David in ministry and in business and His House has become one of David's favorite stops in California.  

jo'EL has worked with Tamara and helped her with many projects. She has taught him tons about branding and info products. jo'EL was also a popular coach for Tamara's company.  

Just Incase You're Not Convinced The Marketplace Challenge Will Change Your Life...

Does it seem like to you time is speeding up? 

That even though we got more technology to get things done faster there is still not enough time in the day? Are you overwhelmed and unsure of your economic future? 

Fear Not. 

Did you know the prophet word in the scriptures say in these days God will shorten the days? Here’s the good news; Christ named exactly who He was speeding up time for and I want to invite you to see how over 4000 years ago the Lord specifically created these days for a certain radical group of believers to excel in.
So on Feb 22nd I’m kicking off a free 5 day Marketplace Movement Challenge you just cannot miss. 

I’m going to show you how take your expertise, experience and extraordinary passion to the market and why God is commanding his elect to do so.

In these uncertain times you can only be sure of one thing and that’s Gods plan for you that’s written in his word. And I want to tell you, now more than ever, there’s been a set up for believers to prosper. We are right in the middle of an Isaiah 60 moment when it was foretold there would be gross darkness in the world, and mannnn are we seeing darkness everywhere.

With Covid sickness and Death...

Or just the threat of Covid-19...
Domestic violence is rising...
Alcoholism and suicides ...

Businesses are shutting down and not just because they were doing bad but now businesses are closing because they were seen as non essential.

But at the same time this is when it was also prophesied the gentiles would come to your light and they wouldn’t come alone, they would bring wealth with them. Isaiah 2:2 says why the people is masses would come to you and the brightness of your rising: The word says they would be drawn to you to teach them something.  

Pay close attention because here's the golden nugget….

You Have what they are looking for.  

Yes, You Have The Solution!

Jesus said it this way…

In the last days when there would be wars, pestilence and terrible times He has given you a mouth and wisdom that people will not be able to resist. Did you hear that? A Mouth And Wisdom!  Well it just so happens we are in the Jewish calendar season of pey which has a meaning of the mouth and wisdom. 
What this means is for a decade God is going to pour out wisdom that will confuse the wise. Wisdom that will be sought after. Wisdom that will bring you the power to get wealth to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, and all for one reason. He wants to establish his covenant. The covenant to make you King!
So let me end here....

This Challenge is going to be like no challenge you’ve ever seen. The merger of Kingdom Principles with coaching techniques that Shawn Bolz said I would walk in is being delivered to you so that you can take advantage of the information age we live in and the thirst for knowledge that’s creating a billion dollar industry right before your eyes.

The combination of technology, timing and your unique talents as spoken in Luke 19 is not meant to be hidden because of fear. So I’m going to show you how to position yourself to bullet proof your livelihood no matter what goes on in the world you will be able to live well taken care of.

In your honor, 


Discover The Power To Get Wealth That's Been Inside You Ready To Be Unleashed In 5 Days Or Less.

Even If You've  Maxed Out The Time You Have...

Marketplace Movement Challenge

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